Website is live

Last week I wrote a short blog post about where the idea for this database and memorial came from. You can read it here.

I wasn’t sure whether people would get behind it, but felt I had nothing to lose by trying. At best it would become a vibrant online memorial documenting people we’ve loved and lost, while collecting some information about the impact of Covid19 on the learning disabled population in the UK. At worst it would flop, no-one would share or contribute, but that was a risk worth taking.

The form and introductory blog post was shared far and wide and within two days of the form being shared we received our first notification. You can learn about Barbara West here and read the lovely tribute that her sister, Frances, wrote.

If you know of a learning disabled person who has died since 1 March 2020 in the UK, please share with their family, friends and carers this opportunity to mark their lives. We ask a small number of questions, including whether Covid19 was suspected or confirmed, but we’re happy to document the lives of any learning disabled people who have died in this period. Click on ‘Inform us’ in the top right for more information.

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